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VI International Workshop on the Dark side of the Universe

DSU2010 is organized by the Physics Department at the Science and Engineering division of Guanajuato University. It will take place from 1st to 6th June, 2010 in the Guanajuato University, in León, México. The meeting is a continuation of the DSU workshops held in Seoul (2005), Madrid (2006), Minnesota (2007), Cairo (2008) and Melbourne (2009). Topics of the workshop include:

  • Physics Beyond the Standard Model
  • Neutrino Physics
  • Nonstandard cosmology
  • Baryogenesis
  • Dark Matter (DM) candidates
  • Direct and indirect DM searches
  • Accelerator DM searches
  • Dark matter distributions and modeling
  • Origin of dark energy
  • Experimental aspects of dark energy
  • Ultra high energy cosmic rays
  • Gamma Ray Bursts

Invited speakers:

  • " Dark Matter Direct Detection"
    CDMS Collaboration
  • "Status and progress in T2K experiment"
    T2K Collaboration
  • "Opera and related neutrino experimental status"
    OPERA collaboration
  • "Realistic Inflation Models and Primordial Gravity Waves"
    Qaisar Shafi
    Bartol Research Inst. and Delaware U.
  • "Exploring DM candidates in left-right symmetric models"
    Yu-Feng Zhou
    Kavli Inst. of Theoretical Physics, Key Lab. for Frontiers in Theoretical Physics
  • "The CHASE probe for chameleon dark energy"
    Jason Steffen
  • Aldo Morselli
  • Gianfranco Bertone
    Institut d´Astrophysique de Paris
  • Michael Gustafsson
    U. Stockholm
  • Alejandro Ibarra
    Munich Tech. U.
  • Tonatiuh Matos
  • "Searching for Dark Matter: The Diurnal Variation in Directional Experiments"
    J. D. Vergados
    CERN & Ioannina U.
  • "Dark Left-Right Model: CDMS, LHC, etc."
    Ernest Ma
    Riverside U.C.
  • HAWC
    Alberto Carramiñana
  • AUGER collaboration
    Gustavo Medina Tanco
  • Yann Mambrini
    Orsay, LPT
  • David G. Cerdeño
    Madrid, Autonoma U. & Madrid, IFT
  • Vladimir Avila-Reese
    UNAM, Inst. Astron.
  • Radio and gamma-ray constraints on DM annihilation in the Galactic Center
    Csaba Balazs
    Monash University
  • Carlos Muñoz
    Madrid, Autonoma U. & Madrid, IFT
  • "Dark Matter in SuperGUT Unification Models "
    Keith Olive
    University of Minnesota
  • Next Collaboration
    José Díaz
  • Dark Matter and Collider Physics
    Carmine Pagliarone

At a glance

Recent observations suggest that about 95% of the Universe's energy lies in a dark sector. This sector is comprised of dark matter, a form of non-luminous matter, and dark energy whose origin and composition is unknown. Dark matter seems to make up 23% of the Universe and it possibly consists of new exotic particles that interact very weakly with ordinary matter. Dark energy, about 73% of the Universe, is responsible for a mysterious force that is speeding up its expansion.

The origin and microscopic composition of dark matter and dark energy are outstanding fundamental problems in physics, and may possibly find a resolution in new theories pointing beyond the standard models of particle physics and cosmology. This prompts a strong connection between particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. The aim of the meeting is to bring together experts from all around the world to discuss the latest advances in the theoretical, phenomenological and experimental aspects of the field.